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Walkway Design & Build on Long Island

Walkways are in important landscape aspect of Nassau County and Suffolk yards. They improve aesthetics, allow exploring the plants and landscaping and provide paths to destination areas like benches, garden gazebos and pools. By doing so, walkways connects one space to another and the users to their space.

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Stone, Rock, Brick, Gravel and Concrete

Considering the the home's architecture, garden, landscaping and users is important when choosing materials for your front or back yard walkway. Brick and connected stone improve safety and are recommended for children. The desired formality is important when choosing between straight paths with angles or meandering paths with curves.

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Accentuate with Lighting

Walkways add to the atmosphere of your outdoor space. They influence the level of formality the yard has and affects the flow of traffic through the landscape. Lighting with lanterns, recessed lighting or even solar lighting along the edges of walkways provide a nice, warm appeal.

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See Some of Our Walkways

At Autumn Leaf, we design, install, light and maintain our walkways. We build walkways as individual projects or as part of larger projects. See a few of our walkways here.

Cambridge pavingstone walkwayTecho block villagio walkway designTecho block villagio walkway with natural stone retaining wallTecho block villagio walkway and stepsNatural bluestone walkway design and evergreen shrubs Natural bluestone stepping stone walkway and perennial plantsDry laid bluestone stepping stones with flowering shrubs Dry laid bluestone stepping stone walkwayDry laid bluestone walkway design and ornamental plantingsDry laid bluestone stepping stones and bluestone steppersTraditional bluestone walkway with evergreen shrubsTraditional bluestone walkway with evergreen shrubs Limestone walkway with evergreen shrubsLimestone walkway with evergreen shrubs Traditional brick walkway with accent boulder and flowering perennialsPaving stone walkway design with flowering annuals Paving stone walkway design with flowering annuals Bluestone stepping stone walkway over pea gravelDry laid bluestone stepping stones with pea gravel Formal bluestone stepping stone walkwayIrregular bluestone stepping stone walkway with pea gravel Dry laid bluestone walkwayDry laid bluestone walkwayPaving stone walkway design with natural stoneUnilock paving stone walkway designPaving stone side walkwayPaving stone side walkwayBluestone walkway design and planting