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Our ComprehensiveDesign & Build Process

Revitalizing a Backyard with Natural Bluestone

Huntington, Long Island

Preparing the Big Picture

Communication is critical to creating a landscape design

This property had a poorly constructed patio. A new design was needed to update the patio, add usability and improve aesthetics. The property had multiple spaces, so we designed the project to enhanced them and make them more usable. We created a 3D design to refine the improvements so they enhanced the existing landscape as much as possible.

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Designing for consistency

Natural materials add charm and definition

Natural stone was used throughout the property in prior construction, so we used that material in our design for consistency. Irregular bluestone was used throughout the entire project because it looks great with the natural stone of their walls.

We designed the patio with long swooping curves to emphasize the length of the patio. The lobes and valleys were designed to host lounging furniture and dining tables and create gathering spaces. We stacked stone walls and created cleaner lines throughout the property.

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Small Additions with Big Impact

Formal design cues highlight destinations

Natural stone allow greater use of material textures. A combination of natural rough cut stack stone, large scale boulders, and fine cut bluestone were all used along this defining passive boundary.

The fine cut bluestone was used as treads on each side of the patio to create elegant stair ways.

Boulders were used between two stairs to create a plant bed and complement the stack stone and bluestone.

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Creating Attraction

Making a space a focal point

An open outdoor shower was placed adjacent to the house and near the shallow end of the pool. The shower piece has a modern look that adds a nice sculptural design element to the project.

The area around the outdoor shower is dressed with grasses, perennial flowers, and screened with leafy evergreen shrubs.

Relax and Refresh Poolside

Lounging space around a pool is important

A great feature to this backyard is its pool in the south side of the yard. Irregular bluestone was used for the pool patio and transitions seamlessly to the main patio. Smooth bluestone pool coping was used all around the pool to create a clean look with minimal line breaks along the pool's perimeter.

We designed the pool area patio to accommodate a pre-existing plum tree and perennial plants. We created ample space for the root systems.

Ample lounging space was created next to the plum tree. Long smooth curves create a gentle boundary delineating the area.

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Bringing the Environment to Life

Illuminate with LED landscape lighting

LED landscape lighting provide a unique outdoor experience after the sun goes down. It puts on exhibit the carefully selected materials that comprise your landscape project. It also improves safety by lighting pathways and exposing dangers.

With projects with as many amenities as this one, landscape lighting is necessary. LED lighting fixtures were placed at key entry and exit points throughout the landscape, e.g., two fixtures on each stair leading to the tennis court provide safe passage. Fixtures used all around the pool make it easy to see what's there.

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Bringing Everything Together

See this project in its entirety

Our goal is to provide you with a complete outdoor living experience. We focus on the big picture and your long-term plans in order to tailor your backyard living space.

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