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Our ComprehensiveDesign & Build Process

Raised Spillover Spa and Pool with Patio Seating and Lounging

Huntington Bay, Long Island

Spillover spa

A spillover gunite spa in a raised blue stone patio overlooks the pool from the far side of the patio. Steps descend on both sides of the spa to the pool patio, which connects to the eating, lounging and seating areas of the patio.

Spa sitting wall

A sitting wall backdrops the raised spa and doubles as a railing. The wall's border stone and wall caps are black limestone which matches the pool's coping and accents the entire outdoor living space.

Pool and pool patio

Pool and patio lets you entertain and relax

The pool is surrounded by a blue stone patio. The pool's coping is black limestone which accents the blue stone. The pool features an automatically-retracting cover, making covering and uncovering the pool a breeze.

To one side, the pool patio extends to a large patio area with outdoor eating, lounging and sitting furniture. At the back of the pool, the pool patio meets the spa's stairs.

Seating area

The pool patio extends on one side to a large patio area. A seating area provides a perfect place to gather and provides a great view of the pool and spa and other patio areas.

Eating, sitting and lounging areas

A place for everything

Next to the seating area is lounge chairs, perfect for soaking in the sun and enjoying. When it's time to eat, go a little further to the larger table. Each space has both a sense of independence as well as a sense of connection with the other areas.


Flowers and other plants provide splashes of color

Plants around the outdoor space provide blooms of color that stand out and create a warmth that complements the hardscape. Potted flowers decorate the sitting wall while other flowers and plants in the ground provide the outdoor space with a finishing touch, enriching the space with their colors and fragrances.


Connecting the inside home with the outside home

At the close side of the blue stone patio, a walkway connects the outdoor living space to the home. The walkway's blue stone steps are set in gravel for a relaxed feel.

The view

The pool is center stage, surrounded by a pool patio and crowned with the spillover spa. Lounging, sitting and eating areas occupy the periphery of the sprawling pool patio and enjoy an unobstructed view of the other areas. Plantings decorate the area and soften the hardscape.


Completed Project and 3D Design Images

Pictures from the project after it was completed as well as picture of our 3D design. We use 3D design software to create 3D video fly-throughs when designing so our clients can see exactly how the project is planned and can tweak the design to make their dream home.

We build it digitally first

A great property begins with design

Seeing how a project will come out before it's built is the key to making it the best possible outdoor living space.

We create advanced 3D models and video "fly-throughs" so you can see how your plan will come out before it's built. This lets you take your design to a level that other plans simply can't.

Image: 3D Image of this project.

Then we build it in real life

Exactly to the design

Once the engineers approve the design and the permits are obtained, we build the project exactly how you know it will be. Our design process ensures every detail of the project will be exactly how you want. Our build process ensures your property gets every detail. It takes 2-3 months to go from starting the design to building, weather permitting, so plan ahead. The end of the year is the latest you want to start if you want to enjoy your property next spring.

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