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Pool, Natural Stone Walls, Elevated Hot Tub, Patio and Walkways

Huntington Bay, Long Island

Pool with Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone surrounds the pools and supports a blue stone patio and nested hot tub. The elevated patio provides a secluded area for lounging. The nearside pool patio provides a great view of the pool and the natural stone wall.

Blue Stone Pool Patio

The blue stone pool patio surrounds the pool and provides areas for lounging. Blue stone steps connect to the elevated landing where the pool and secluded lounging area are.

Natural and Blue Stone Steps to The Hot Tub

Natural stone steps with blue stone caps lead to the hot tub. The blue stone atop the walls joins the blue stone that surround the pool, creating a smooth and seamless transition.

Upper Level Stone Walkway

Stones cascade down from the side of the Hot Tub to the upper level landing, creating an additional entrance and exist to the hot tub.

Upper Level Plantings

Plantings next to the blue stone walkway soften the path and provide color and warmth to the path.

Stone Steps

Stone steps connect one level with another.

Pool Patio Plantings and Lighting

Colorful plantings add color and comfort along the pools patio. Landscape lights provides dramatic lighting in the evening. Lighting throughout the project completes the effect.

Retaining Wall and Plantings

In the front, chiseled pavers create a retaining wall that houses decorative plantings in the front of the home. Blossomed plantings on the sides of the retaining complete the effect.

It All Starts with a Design

We use state-of-the-art technology, backed by our work with regional supplies and local flora, to design your property in 3D to give a photo-realistic render of how your project will look based on the current design. This lets us design the project to your perfect satisfaction before we build.

Use the slider to see the 3D design and the initial build with the bushes. We later replaced the bushes with decorative plantings.

Then We Execute the Design

From Start to Finish

We take care of everything for building the design - from gathering materials, arranging contractors, obtaining permits, obtaining engineering clearance to the construction, the finishing touches and cleanup.


Photos of the finished project and the 3D renderings we created for the design.

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