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Pebblestone Driveway, Blue Stone Entryway, Pool and Patio

Huntington, Long Island

Driveway Entrance

Belgium block apron and colorful pebble driveway create a fun and inviting entrance to the home. Square stone columns capped with blue stone border the entrance and provide additional theme elements used throughout the property. Lights atop the columns illuminate the entrance and create an enchanting warmth at night.

Garage Apron

Belgian block pavers arranged in an outlined thatched pattern provide an entrance to the garage. The use of Belgian block throughout the property serve as accents that connect the areas of the property. Here, its used in the same arrangement as the driveway entrance.

Pebblestone Driveway

The pebble driveway arches from the driveway entrance to the driveway exit. Along its path, it provides access to main access points of the property.

Pictured: the driveway connects to the front door patio.


An elegant entrance

The bright driveway connects users with the soothing colors of the front door landing. This patio is comprised of blue stone flats that lead to the blue stone steps. The steps summit on an elevated blue stone entryway. Short masonry walls finish the entryway. Together, these elements create an inviting entrance to the home.

Blue Stone Steps

Soothing and Timeless

Blue stone steps continue the driveway landing to the elevated landing, creating an uninterrupted theme from driveway to front door.

Capped Stone Walls

Blue stone adorns walls of stone along the sides of the elevated landing, creating boundaries and providing complementary colors. The blue stone that tops the walls tie them in with the landings to complete the are and continue the theme introduced in the driveway entrance.

Vinyl Arbor Gate and Fence

Pebbles break from the driveway and run parallel to the left side of the house creating a walkway. A vinyl arbor fence provides a clear boundary for the backyard, while the gate provides access along the pebble walkway.

Decorative Stone Patio

A natural stone patio connect the pebble walkway to the rear and providing patio space behind the house. The curved border of the patio allows the flowers to imbue the patio with color. The patio has an outdoor dining area provides a comfortable place to eat and rest. The patio continues to the pool and other outdoor living areas.

Backyard Patio and Pool

A natural stone patio is the foundation for the backyard living areas, creating lounging and dining areas and serving as the pool patio that surrounds the pool at center stage.

Pool Patio and Plantings

The pool patio surrounds the pool and provides areas for lounging and dining. Beyond the patio, beautiful plantings add color and softness that complete the scene.

Natural Stone Walkway and Retaining Wall

The stone patio continues around the pool, providing a walkway to every part of the pool. A decorative rock retaining wall provides a clear boundary as well as housing for decorative bushes and plantings.


Vibrant flowers lend splashes of color and softness to the patio and add a sense of warmth and comfort to the outdoor living space.

It All Starts With a Design

We use state of the art methods and technology to beautifully create a 3 dimensional rendering of your property, complete with planned features, before we start. This means you get to tweak and refine your project before its too late and you know exactly what you're getting before you get started. You get superior results and no surprises. We get to make better designed living spaces and happier customers. It's a win for everyone.

Use the slider to compare the 3D rendering with the actual build.


Pictures of the project we built and the 3D designs we made and used to do it.

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