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Paving Stone Pool Patio & Fire Pit


Freeform Patio for Flexibility

A freeform patio design is a good way to add visual character. This patio has long curves to create length and casual movement. The patio lines smoothly guide you into the pool space.

Add Some Warmth to the Night

Extend your outdoor activities with a wonderful fire pit

A fire pit is a great addition to any backyard project. This fire pit has a crescent shaped seat wall that creates vertical appeal as well as functionality. The paving stone pattern changeds and an inlay is added to create visual separation.

Keep Calm and Cool with A Swimming Pool

Relax pool side with a new vinyl swimming pool

This twenty by forty-foot pool is wonderfully centered to the home and patio. This style pool adds some formality to the distinct patio design. To distinguish the lounging area, we designed a semi-circle space and changed the paving stone angle. The design provides an ideal patio to maximize late afternoon sun bathing.

Plants Bring the Landscape to Life

Landscaping provides a beautiful growing and changing environment

Planting materials are very important. This landscape design has several different flowering shrubs, flowering trees, and flowering perennial plants. The crape-myrtle and roses are the highlight of this landscape. The crape-myrtles will grow tall and provide great vertical color when in bloom. There are several types of roses planted all throughout. These roses have extended bloom periods and some will even bloom twice. Sage perennials were also used, they provide a bright violet flower.

Tie It All Together With A New Entryway

Create some landscape unity with a matching walkway

It’s important to connect your entire home together whenever possible. The front walkway is a great way to enhance your curb appeal. Using the same paving stone materials will bring some design unity to your new landscape.

Bringing the Details Together

Seeing everything come together makes all the difference

We want to provide you with a complete outdoor living space. We approach every project with the goal to leave you only the responsibility of enjoying your new landscape. See this project in its entirety after being completed earlier this year.

3D Landscape Design Helps You Know Exactly What You’re Getting | Huntington, Long Island

There’s no Simple Approach to Any Landscape Design Plan

Quality comes with thoughtful planning and attention to detail. To get a beautiful final result there needs to be a beautiful detailed plan. Understanding the landscape layout only comes with meticulous planning in our 3D landscape software.

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We lead the industry in landscape design technology, build quality and style. We know how important it is to get it right, right from the beginning. That's why we make sure you love your design before we build, everything from our curb appeal options to a swimming pool's shape and size, to the patios materials, to the perfect water feature to the coolest lighting. And we build the project using everything we've learned over our many years of designing and building residential landscapes.

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