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Paving Stone Patio & Fire Pit. Huntington, Long Island

Compact Patio with Areas for Different Purposes

Patio design produces great spaces for different purposes.

This project was adding a patio that could be used early and late into the year - a space for relaxing outdoors as easily as relaxing indoors. The patio would need a cooking station, ample seating, a fire pit and a space for recreation.

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Designing for recreation and large gatherings

The project involved extending a patio with spaces for dining, a fire pit and recreation. We designed the patio to extend beyond the fire pit to create space that could be used for recreation or extra dining and seating for a longer part of the season.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Cook and host your family and friends

We designed the cooking station near the dining space to allow the chef to stay connected with guests. Accent lights were placed on each side of the dining area to softly illuminate the space.

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Fire Pit

Create a gathering place between connected spaces

We designed the fire pit as a focal point when you enter the space from the second gate. The fire pit area constructively separates the patio into the dining area and the active patio-recreational area. This fire pit burns natural wood and produces soothing light and sound. To overcome a small elevation change and create continuity with the seat wall, we arched the step between the dining area and fire pit.

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Experience Your Future Backyard Space With A Live Digital Walkthrough

We designed this project in 3D to show our solutions for the space before building began. We showed how our design would work with a pre-existing raised patio and cedar hedge and how we would install the desired features. Using our design, all woody plants were untouched through the installation project and multi-functional outdoor living spaces were created for use throughout the seasons.

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Designing the Theme

Using color & texture to define and unify

A grey paver was chosen to frame the patio and be inlaid into the patio. The paver complements the patio's field paving stone, frames it without making it stand out from the surrounding plants and further unifies the hardscape.

A smoother, grey-red variation of the paving stone was used for the grill station to create separation between the living and grilling spaces. Smoother wall stone was chosen for the grill station to create a softer atmosphere, complementing the polished granite countertop.

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