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Pavilion Project. Brookville, Long Island

Entire Property Project

Creating continuity from arrival to departure

This property had a pre-existing pool. The project was to enhance the pool area with a covered additional living space and create a stronger sense of arrival to the entire property. Our solution was a pavilion with outdoor grill, TV and bar seating, paving stone walkways with natural stone accents, waterfalls, repurposed trees and planting trees, shrubs and flowers. We designed the entire property to create continuity from arrival to departure.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Open wall, outdoor living

A pavilion was created to provide comfort and furnished with all indoor amenities to a create a self-sufficient living space away from the home. We installed a ventless gas fireplace, Sunbrite TV and 42" Vintage Grill. The fireplace and grill crate the backdrop to the long pavilion. We dressed the pavilion with natural stone veneer and granite countertops. To increase seating space, bar seating was created on the right and left side of the pavilion.

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Paving stone with natural stone accents

We installed smooth walkways throughout the project to connect the different areas. Nicolock paving stones were used from the garage parking space to the pavilion. We used natural stone to accent the paving stone floor surface. Bluestone treads and borders were used in key locations to define spaces. To remedy grade changes and add texture, we placed large scale boulders throughout the project.

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Falling water soothes as it falls

We installed 3 waterfalls in this project to create a soothing aura for the property. The first one has a connected creek that runs adjacent to the pool lounge area. The second is a 5 foot pondless waterfall which serves as the backdrop to the raised sundeck. The third is a geyser waterfall found at the entrance. We designed it to set the tone for the rest of the waterfalls.

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Shrubs and Flowers

Selecting plants to provide year-round color

To provide lush and full green color throughout the year, we planted evergreen shrubs around the property. To create interest in the walkways, we added more color and texture with flowering perennials

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Trees and Plants

Planting to frame and define spaces

We used plants and trees throughout the project to delineate separate spaces and create unique visual experiences.

Ornamental flowering trees were used next to the pool and create a borderless wall of color in the spring. These larger flowering trees can be seen from the driveway as the season kicks off. Rhododendrons were placed below the ornamental trees to create a secondary bloom that will happen soon after the flowering trees do.

Catmint, a plant with a bright and vibrant purple color, was mass planted into the pondless waterfall. A red Japanese maple, which holds its deep red color all season, was used to complement the Catmint. The lower part of the waterfall was dressed with ornamental grasses to complete the theme.

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Designing with pre-existing features

Keeping desirable features for a sense of permanence

The property had several pre-existing mature plants. To create a feeling of history and permanence upon arrival, we created our design to work with the pre-existing plants. For example, we purposed 2 mature cherry trees as a gateway near the middle of the driveway.

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Bringing the Details Together

Seeing everything come together makes all the difference

We want to provide you with a complete outdoor living space. We approach every project with the goal to leave you only the responsibility of enjoying your new landscape. See this project in its entirety.

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