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Natural Stone Patio Tailored for Leisure

Halesite, Long Island

A Timeless Natural Material

Traditional natural stone adds long lasting beauty

We designed the patio into three sections. The main dining patio with direct access to the house, the middle section with bar seating, and the lounging sections with ample room for a variety of furniture. The patio surface is a combination of cut dimensional bluestone and flagstone bluestone. These patterns were used to separate the three areas.

Bring the Warming Joy of Cooking Outdoors

Food brings people together regardless of the kitchens location.

We used the slope to our advantage when designing this natural stone kitchen and bar area. This eliminated the need for a splash board and created more counter top space. The counter top is custom cut polished bluestone with a rock face edge. This provides a smooth and easy to clean surface area. A storage unit was installed to keep basic dining and cooking tools within arm’s reach.

Structural, Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Garden Wall

Variety in building technique to gain visual appeal

A garden wall was created with a combination of bluestone stacked-stone and moss rock boulders. This wall is built with natural materials that are custom cuts, and assembled to fit perfectly together. The natural garden wall was designed with long swooping curves. This created more planting space for colorful flowering perennials.

Open Dialog Produces an Efficient Build

Having open design session where ideas can be shared will provide the best results.

Originally this backyard had a wood deck and small paving stone patio. We wanted to enhance the outdoor entertainment space with an updated look. During the initial consultation , key questions were asked to formulate a custom landscape design. Key features of this project would be an outdoor kitchen with bar seating, a large dining patio, and ample lounging space. A raised plant bed, and plant screening would also need to be designed for increased privacy.

Virtual Landscape Design Ideas Providing Solutions

3D Landscape Design Ideas

Experience your dream backyard before starting construction

Providing the client with visual design options is how we communicate our ideas. Material shapes, patterns, and textures can all be presented digitally to streamline the landscape design process from conceptual planning to the construction phase.

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