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Multi-Space Bluestone Patio Project

Huntington, Long Island

Outdoor Living Amenities

Cooking, relaxing in a spa or warming up by the fire - this backyard has an activity for any season

Let’s start with the dining space and cooking station. It was important for the home owner to have a large patio to accommodate large gatherings. A medium sized cooking station with adequate counter space was built. This provides enough work and serving space when needed. A great way to get a seasonal head start with your outdoor living is by sitting next to an open fire. A gas fire pit was installed for easy and convenient use. An amenity like this allows you to extend your get-togethers late into the evening during.

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Creating Separate Patio Spaces

Separate patios with passive barriers creates sense of connection

To create multiple spaces for outdoor activities, we created three separate patios. We used bluestone for the material. To connect the patios with an elegant feel, we used bluestone steps and natural bluestone steppers.

We improved aesthetics for the lower patios by adding natural moss rock boulders for plant beds. Plant beds create a soft planting buffer and bring seasonal color throughout the space.

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Patio Materials

Natural materials provide versatile colors and textures

This patio is made primarily of bluestone. Bluestone is a natural stone that can be cut and fabricated for several looks and uses.

An elegant transition is created at the end of the patio with long bluestone steps that open to the lawn area. A timeless look was created with several sizes of squares and rectangles with mortared joints.

A sense of homogeneity was created by using natural mosaic bluestone veneer on all the straight verticals such as the step risers, fire pit and grill station. The bluestone veneer's color ties in with the natural moss rock boulder walls.

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Unifying Recreation Spaces

Connecting spaces with shape and textures

Smaller intimate spaces with moderate foot traffic allows us to be more creative with the floor surface.

Although the spa and fire pit areas are on opposite sides of the central bluestone patio, we created a sense of connection between them. 2x2 bluestone slabs and smooth river rock were used in each area. They are similar in color but create a subtle textural contrast.

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Living Smart Outdoors

Stay connected even when outdoors

Landscape lighting and outdoor audio systems can be smart-connected throughout your entire backyard. These systems can be tailored to enhances your outdoor experience. And they can be wirelessly controlled with your smartphone.

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Bringing Everything Together

See this project in its entirety

Our goal is to provide you with a complete outdoor living experience. We focus on the big picture and your long-term plans in order to tailor your backyard living space.

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Our 3D Video Tours are an Essential Tool for Communicating Design Ideas. See How We Did It Here.

Visual Communication is Key

3D Design visually communicates the design concept

An important aspect of this design was overcoming the moderate slope of the backyard so we could build the three features of this project. The best method when working with grade changes is often to use them to your design's advantage. Using the information from our site analysis, we created a 3D landscape design plan that visualized how we would manipulate the slopes and produce the desired results.

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