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Multi-Level Patio with Outdoor Kitchen and Gathering Spaces

Huntington, Long Island

Multi-Level Patio

Multiple living areas for outdoor living

A two-level patio welcomes you to the outdoor living space from the rear door of the house as well as walkways from the side door and driveway. The two-levels overcomes a steep slope to the land while the design uses those levels to naturally create areas for different types of use - all with an open view of the rear yard. Landscape lighting and plantings complete the outdoor living space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Cook station lets you entertain and serve

A barbecue grill nests inside L-shaped island made of split-faced rock on level 1. The counter is flat-top custom-fabricated blue stone. The counter on the grill-side provides the perfect surface for food prep. The other side of the island has seating for and provides the perfect place for serving. An umbrella can provide shade and comfort and protection from drizzles. The outdoor kitchen is placed near the rear entry to the house so stocking the grill station is easy.

Large table setting

A place to gather, eat and be merry

Also on level 1, a large table takes advantage of the patio's spacious design and provides more seating for eating, laughing and enjoying. The large table is placed to create a separate area for gathering and enjoys an open view of the rear yard. An umbrella is available to provide comfort and protection from the elements.

Lounge area

Enjoy the night life. And the day life.

On level 2, a curved sofa and chair surround a fire pit table, perfect for enjoying the flames with family and friends. The multi-level patio allows an unhindered view of the rear yard. The patio's design also created a standing area on level 2 which provides another space away from the fire pit table.


Connecting people by connecting spaces

Walkways from the driveway and side door provide easy paths to the outdoor living space. By making the space accessible from more than just the rear door makes enjoying it that much easier. No more tracking people through the house just to get to the back.


Flowers, shrubs and other plants decorate the space

Potted plants create a soft sense of boundary for some areas as well as serve as a standout soft element. Small shrubs run parallel to the walkway and deepen the walkways aesthetics. Flowers and plants throughout the space provide the finishing touch, decorating it with their colors and enriching them with their fragrances.

The view

Separate spaces share unhindered view

Each space has a feeling of soft- boundary from the other areas, yet all spaces share an unobstructed view of the other spaces and yard. This open but private, separate-but-sharing environment allows you to relax and not miss anything. You don't have to get up to see what the kids are doing or how the food is coming out.


Completed Project and 3D Design Images

Pictures from the project after it was completed as well as picture of our 3D design. We use 3D design software to create 3D video fly-throughs when designing so our clients can see exactly how the project is planned and can tweak the design to make their dream home.

We build it digitally first

An enjoyable property begins with design

Being able to see how a project will come out before it's built is the key to getting your property to be your dream outdoor living space.

We create advanced 3D models and video "fly-throughs" to eliminate any possibility that the project won't come out as you envision. Being able to see how your property will be before it's built lets you take it to a level that other plans can't.

Video: Video "Fly Through" of this project.

Then we build it in real life

Exactly to the design

Once the engineers approve the design and the permits are obtained, we build the project exactly how you know it will be. Our design process ensures every detail of the project will be exactly how you want. Our build process ensures your property gets every detail. It takes 2-3 months to go from starting the design to building, weather permitting, so plan ahead. The end of the year is the latest you want to start if you want to enjoy your property next spring.

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