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Multi-level Patio, Kitchen, Pool, Fire Pit and Play Area

Smithtown, Long Island

Overcoming grading in complete outdoor renovation

This home sits on property that slopes down continually as you go further into the property. Making outdoor living spaces meant overcoming grading challenges. creating multiple living spaces at each level and providing passages between levels, all while making the whole area tie together intelligently and making moving between spaces effortless.


New path to new places

The backyard wasn't accessible on the right side of the home. A large structure occupied the space.

The new walkway provides a gated passage to the new outdoor living space, connecting the front with the new space's upper patio. It provides quick access to the seating area (covered in the photo), outdoor kitchen and covered patio areas as well as the stairs to the room above the patio.

Pictured: New walkway on right side of home entering outdoor patio space. Use the handle to compare before and after photos.

Walkway stairs

Managing grade changes with grace

The walkway stairs connect the right side walkway the upper level patio. The stairs allow easy passage between the the different living space levels.

Pictured: Stairs on the right side of home as seen facing the front of the home. The stairs connect the upper patio of the rear with the higher elevation walkway toward the front of the home. Use the drag handle to see the before and after.

Staircase to upstairs

A new staircase replaced the original wooden one. The staircase landing is the side walkway just before the stairs down to the lower level patio. This conveniently provides two easy ways to reach the upstairs level.

Pictured: Staircase to the upstairs entrance of home. Use drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Covered lounging area

The upper patio below the upstairs level of the home provides a lounging area, complete with seating, tables and television entertainment. Enjoy the outdoors and a great view of the rset of the space while protected in the elements in this covered patio area.

PIctured: Covered patio lounging area on upper patio level. Use drag handles to compare before and after photos.

Fire pit

The perfect retreat

The fire pit enjoys its own space on the upper level of the patio and a view of the other outdoor features from a distance. To the front, you can see the outdoor kitchen, seating area and the covered patio area. To the left, you can see the pool and pool patio, and further in the distance, the play area.

Pictured: View from the fire pit. Use the handle to compare before and after photos.

Patio retaining wall

The property continued to slope down as you get further away form the home. So we supported the upper level patio with a retaining wall and created a second level patio a few steps down. Curvature to the wall adds style, while ornate flowers decorate the retaining wall and present it as a raised flower bed that enhances the ambience rather than a structural necessity.

Pictured: Curved retaining wall between the patio levels. Use drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Lower level patio

The lower level patio features an outdoor kitchen, dining area, pool and pool-side lounging area.

Everything you need to cool, eat, have fun and relax!

Dining area

The lower level of the patio provides amble pool-side space. Here, a kid's picnic table stands at the ready inside the patio retaining wall nearest the stairs. Further, a larger dining table provides seating for 6 on the lower patio level. The dining area is conveniently located near the outdoor kitchen and enjoys a great view of the pool and play area.

Pictured: Pool-side picnic and dining tables. Use the drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Pool lounging area

The lower patio provides the perfect space for lounging. Positioned furthest away from the outdoor kitchen and and dining area, the lounging area provides a lower-action space, great for relaxing pool-side.

The lounging area created usable space that wasn't available with the prior pool and was used for storage.

Pictured: Pool side lounge area. Use the drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Pool with built-in spa

The in-ground rectangular pool with spa is a main attraction at the center of the lower level. An in-pool spa in the corner where the outdoor kitchen is nearest to the stairs to the play area provides quick access to food and children. Beautiful coping boundary the pool and spa. A retaining wall at the far end of the upper patio is adorned with flowers, making this functional element enhance and soften the area.

The in-ground rectangular pool replaced an above-ground oval pool.

Pictured: In-ground pool with in-pool spa. Use drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

Let's feast!

The outdoor kitchen enjoys a spacious area of the lower level patio with a great view of the pool and play area, so you can enjoy great food and company while keeping an eye on little ones. A gazebo covers the outdoor kitchen, providing shelter and defining the outdoor kitchen space.

The outdoor kitchen has its own seating area, providing another area for gathering and dining. And who wouldn't want to be near the food fresh from the grill and large flat-screen TV? A full set of appliances - even a pizza oven - lets you prepare some amazing food with friends and family!

Outdoor kitchen seating area

The seating area in the outdoor kitchen is an excellent place to hang out and enjoy food just coming off the grill or out of the pizza oven. Enjoy the fresh outdoor air, refreshments from the fridge, shelter from the gazebo covering and your favorite TV show. And of course, enjoy the company of friends and family if you're preparing the food.

Pictured: Seating area of the outdoor kitchen. Use drag handles to compare before and after photos.

Full kitchen

Appliances for everything

The outdoor kitchen features a full set of appliances: grill, sink, refrigerator - even a pizza oven! Now you don't have to leave your company to serve them amazing food! A blue stone countertop with bar seating provides a perfect place to socialize casually while preparing food. Or to just watch TV outside.

Pictured: Outdoor kitchen grill, refrigerator and pizza oven.

Pizza oven

Because pizza!

Nothing says fun like Pizza! Outside the gazebo, a pizza oven rests within a paving stone enclosure just outside of the gazebo. Outdoor pizza making at its finest!

Built-in storage makes having everything you need to make pizza nearby a breeze.

Pictured: Outdoor pizza oven.

Play area

The lower patio, with its outdoor kitchen and pool, is supported by a retaining wall with decorative plants and fence, creating another clean level for the play area. Within view from the patio levels, the play area provides a large open yard with attractions for children.

The further end of the play area is supported by a retaining wall with fence, providing a safe enclosure for children to play freely.

Play area stairs

A paving stone staircase with blue stone steps with hand railing provides access to the play area from the lower patio level. Positioned near the outdoor kitchen, adults can supervise who's entering and leaving the play area with ease.

The staircase matches the theme of the retaining wall, making a seamless sense of continuity and an enjoyable entryway to the play area.

Descending adjacent to the retaining wall, these stairs save space for the play area. These steps replaced old wooden steps that protruded into the play area.

Pictured: Staircase with railing to play area. Use drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Inside retaining wall

The inside retaining wall supports the lower patio level and creates the inner wall of the play area.

At the top, plantings along the edge of the pool create soft touches amidst the masonry. At the play area level, the paving stone wall creates the upper boundary of the play area.

By using retaining walls to create levels of usable space, and designing the spaces with discrete functional areas, this project reclaims the usability of otherwise unusable or wasted space in a sharply sloping property.

Pictured: upper retaining wall.

Outside retaining wall

A retaining wall with fence at the outside of the play area makes the play area more level and provides a safe boundary for the space in which the children play.

Pavers make up the retaining wall. Plantings decorate the retaining wall, creating a finished feel to the boundary.

Pictured: Retaining wall at far side of play area. Use drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Stairs and walkway

Left side

The gradient challenges are present on the left side of the home too. Here, elevation changes are addressed gracefully with masonry stairs connecting the side walkway to the upper patio level.

Handling grade changes gracefully and using masonry make this passage to the outdoor living spaces attractive.

The masonry stairs replace the original wooden stairs that were partially engulfed in plant growth.

Retaining wall

Left side

To manage the gradient changes on the left side of the house, a retaining wall is used to create support for the walkways.

The retaining wall, made from pavers, supports railing for the walkway, creating a unified and clean look as well as support for the walkway.

The masonry retaining wall replaced a wood retaining wall with plant overgrowth.

Pictured: Masonry retaining wall with railing. Use drag handle to compare before and after photos.

Walkway to side entrance

Next to the staircase down to the upper patio, a walkway to the side entrance of the house is present. This walkway uses the same materials as the staircase, creating a unified appearance that's easy to navigate and that makes it easier to get to multiple places.

Plantings on both sides of the walkway warm the area.

Pictured: walkway to home side entrance. Use drag handle to compare before and after photos.


Completed Project and 3D Design Images

Pictures from the project after it was completed as well as picture of our 3D design. We use 3D design software to create 3D video fly-throughs when designing so our clients can see exactly how the project is planned and can tweak the design to make their dream home.

We build it digitally first

3D design is how we get it so good

Seeing how a landscape will come out before it's built is the key to making the best outdoor living spaces.

We create advanced 3D models and video "fly-throughs" so you can see and perfect your plan before it's built. This lets you take your outdoor space to a level that other methods simply can't.

Image: 3D Image of this project.

Then we build it in real life

Exactly to the design

Once the engineers approve the design and the permits are obtained, we build the project exactly how you approved. Our design-then-build process ensures every detail of the project will come out exactly to the design you approved. Our design process ensures you know every detail before we break ground. It takes 2-3 months to go from starting the design to finishing building, so plan ahead. The end of the year is the latest you want to start if you want to enjoy your property next spring.

Pictured: Outdoor kitchen and gazebo during construction.

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