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Inviting Walkway with Plantings and Lighting

Huntington, Long Island

Walkway Entrance

Angled stairs open entrance to walkway

Walkway staircase opens toward the bottom creating an inviting entrance to the walkway. Boxwoods and roses on both sides soften the masonry and greet family, friends and visitors.


Plantings welcome family and friends

Shrubs and flowers surround the walkway stairs. They continue to the entryway patio and creating a reassuring sense of comfort to the walkway. They also improve curb appeal.

Landscape Lighting

Lights highlight the walkway and plants

Landscape lighting illuminates the walkway for safety and creates a dazzling effect. Lights aimed at plants warm the scene and add to the home's aura after hours.


Perfect for gathering

The walkway ends at a large entryway patio that's ideal for gathering when you're arriving and for getting ready to leave when you're departing. It also creates an extra outdoor living place that's ideal for relaxing and when waiting for someone to arrive.


Completed Project and 3D Design Images

Pictures from the project after it was completed as well as picture of our 3D design. We use 3D design software to create 3D video fly-throughs when designing so our clients can see exactly how the project is planned and can tweak the design to make their dream home.

3D design, view of the stairs with slight elevation3D design, view or walkway from above3D design, view or walkway stairs from a distance3D design, view from horizontal at a distance3D design, view of walkway at a distance

We build it digitally first

A beautiful property begins with design

Being able to see how a project will come out before it's built is the key to getting your property how you'll love it.

We create advanced 3D models and video "fly-throughs" to eliminate any uncertainty that the project is planned as you expect. Being able to see how the project will come out before it's built lets you refine it in a way other plans can't.

Video: Video "Fly Through" of this project.

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