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Growing an Outdoor Living Space

East Northport, Long Island

Adding Outdoor Living Space

Building to expand on pre-existing hardscape

This property had a pre-existing patio that needed to be expanded to entertain more guests. The property had a downward slope away from the house. Our solution was to build a second patio adjacent to the pre-existing one but on ground level. Steps connect the original patio with the new one.

To serve the larger space, an outdoor cooking area was created. To connect the patios with the front of the house, we installed a paving stone walkway and a bluestone stepping stone path. All materials were chosen to create continuity of theme with the pre-existing patio.

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Adding Outdoor Living Space and Function

This project has a pre-existing patio. We designed and installed a large gathering patio next to it. It features a slide in grill station with counter tops and bar seating. Plantings softened the space around the house and adds seasonal colors and textures around the home.

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Patio Design

Multi-level patio design

This property had a 2 foot slope next to the existing patio. Building the new patio at the higher level would create the risk of falling from the patio's perimeter. Our solution was to build the patio at ground level. Long steps create an open and comfortable pathway to the new patio. We converted the space created between the levels into a plant bed to soften the transition between the patios.

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Patio Materials

Chosen for Continuity

Providing the sense of seamlessness when adding new hardscape to pre-existing features is important. The hardscape materials for this new entertaining patio and walkway were selected to complement the property's existing patio.

We always advise our clients on materials. And we show them how the finished project would look in 3D before we start building, so they they can make the design perfect before we start. We can also provide video walkthroughs of completed projects.

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Material that improves the experience

To connect the original patio area with the front of the house, we installed a paving stone walkway. The paving stone material was selected to inspire a meandering feeling. An irregular bluestone stepping stone path was placed directly adjacent connecting to the new patio.

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Exploring Garden Options

Transition spaces often create opportunities to enhance the home. We created a small garden surrounding the bluestone walkway to enhance the walk to the new entertainment patio. Evergreen and deciduous shrubs with flowering perennials add color and texture.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Flexible and Extensible

To be able to serve the new entertaining patio, we installed a slide in grill station for a standard standalong grill. We designed this grill station this way to allow the homeowner to switch and swap their grill any time they want.

We also installed a countertop with bar seating. This created space for an outdoor refrigerator for storing beverages and food and a dry storage unit for storing dining amenities.

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Bringing the Details Together

Seeing everything come together makes all the difference

We want to provide you with a complete outdoor living space. We approach every project with the goal to leave you only the responsibility of enjoying your new landscape. See this project in its entirety.

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