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Free Form Pool Design with Waterfall

Greenlawn, Long Island

Mountain Lake Oasis-Style Backyard

This project was creating a mountain lake-style oasis in a small backyard. Our solution was to create a large paving stone patio and a free form pool with waterfall. We used custom made bluestone coping to create borders and adorned the area with plantings to gives this stylish pool a unique look.

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Mountain Lake Pool

Free form pool and patio with a giant waterfall

To create an oasis-style feel in this smaller property, we started with a free-form pool. We designed the pool to be the centerpiece of the space and integrate seamlessly with the other outdoor features. The pool is bordered by 14" bluestone coping to create a firm border accent. The bluestone was custom-made to create a cleaner and softer look.

For continuity, the same bluestone was used on the seat wall and light pier caps. Bluestone stepping stones were used in the side garden that grants access to the pool equipment.

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Natural Rock Waterfall

Listen as water flows down three tiers into the pool

In the back corner of the pool, we installed a large multi-layer waterfall. We built the waterfall with moss rock and blue stone. The moss rock tapers down to the patio and connects with the small moss rock retaining wall. This creates a continuous ribbon of natural rock that stretches along the north side of the patio, interrupted only by natural bluestone, tying together the different components of this project.

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Paving Stone Pool Patio

Designing for continuity

To continue the mountain lake theme, we used a Cambridge concrete paving stone system for the patio and much of the project. Pavings stones are the most popular material around swimming pools. The patio abuts the bluestone pool border. We used the same bluestone in the covered patio, seat wall and light pier caps to create a sense of continue throughout the project.

Near the patio, moss rock was also used to create a raised plant bed because it complements the cultured stone veneer used in the seat-wall and wouldn't break up the theme. Natural stone was used to create a small retaining wall that creates an informal sense of boundary that doesn't appear too linear.

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Covered Patio

Designing for continuity

To continue the mountain lake theme, we used a Cambridge concrete paving stone system for the patio and much of the project. The patio abuts the bluestone pool border. we used the same bluestone for the raised patio treat to preserve the sense of unity and continuity of the entire project. Bluestone accents were used because they create a sense of material symmetry and contribute to the mountain lake theme without overwhelming it.

The property had a small change in elevation from the foundation to the pool. To collect and move runoff water from the home and pool patio to direct water to drain away from the pool and home, we installed a French drain below the seat wall.

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Adding color and textures

Foundation plants were chosen for their varied colors and textures to bringing a sense of softness in the late growing season. The right perennials are also important for creating the right depth of color.

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View the Gallery of our Free Form Pool Design with Waterfall Project in Greenlawn, NY. Check out the waterfall, patio and plantings of this unique landscape project.

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