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Our ComprehensiveDesign & Build Process

Free-Flowing Pool Patio with Lush Plantings

Seaford, Long Island

It Begins with a Landscape Design

Developing pool & Patio design options long before we start construction

Although this backyard is flat the property boundaries are not square. Accurate planning and thoughtful design built this stunning Seaford, Long Island backyard refuge.

The Landscape as it Was

An ideal design and build project

This backyard was flat with direct access from back-sliding doors, and prime afternoon sun exposure.

Managing the Craft of Construction

Construction coordination makes all the difference when connecting disciplines

When installing a pool its best to start with a design everyone can see. Taking the necessary steps to find the best placement for a pool is very important as this can’t be changed later. Coordinating the construction stages of the pool with the patio guarantees no future patio settlement.

Paving Stone Patio Foundation

A stable history in masonry patio construction

Our paving stone patios are installed in combination with manufacturer guidelines and in-house construction details. Like everything in life, the foundation is the most important. We take the necessary steps in the unseen to ensure what’s seen will last for years to come.

Free-Flowing Pool, Patio & Waterfall

Using the right process and procedure on every project

This backyard required a swimming pool, waterfall, fire pit, dining area and lush landscaping, Easy enough. But the shape of the backyard is a trapezoid with acute angles. Pool placement and orientation were crucial for waterfall and lounge space placement. We also needed enough room for screen planting and open lawn space. Using Our thorough landscape design to build process we were able to fit all these features nicely into this oddly shaped backyard.

Comforting and Exciting

A firepit is a timeless activity for all ages

Situated near the dining area with a clear view and access from the sliding doors. This firepit has an accent seat wall that adds a small vertical element to the design. The seat wall is great informal seating for kids where they can roast marshmallows over the natural wood fire.

The living and growing landscape

Bringing a backyard space to life

Spring leaves and blooming flowers let us know it’s time to start spending more time outdoors and pool season is just around the corner. Arborvitae Green Giants are used as the primary source of screening. These trees grow fast and hold their natural shape until pruned. The tall color was added by planting Okame Cherry trees for their spring flowers and fall foliage. A combination of flowering shrubs and perennial flowers

Flowing Sound and Movement

The soothing sound of falling water

A natural stone swimming pool waterfall is an excellent addition to any backyard. A natural stone waterfall creates visual and audio appeal. The sound of flowing and crashing water can relieve stress to help unwind after a long work week.

Curb Appeal: Setting the Stage

Exit and enter your home with a fresh new landscape

Nice curb appeal with a sense of arrival is inviting to guests and even passerby’s. A paving stone driveway with accent walkway was installed. Two piers help frame the entry landing are a great spot for future flower pots. Lush evergreen foundation planting was placed near the house for winter coverage. Flowering shrubs and perennials were planted in front of the door to pull focus.

Nighttime Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting for a warm nighttime atmosphere

Provide structure to the night with LED landscape lighting. Landscape lighting allows you to highlight key features of your new landscape for both safety and aesthetic value. Sensibly placed lighting fixtures near and around the waterfall will make a big landscape element stand out even more. Up-lighting on ornamental trees bounces back creating a softer more comfortable ambiance.

Experience Your Full Home Renovation with a Live 3D Walkthrough

True to Life 3D Landscape Design

Experience your dream backyard before starting construction

Providing you with 3D visual landscape design options is how we communicate. Material style, patterns, & textures can all be presented digitally to streamline the landscape design process from conceptual planning to construction implementation.

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