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Entryway for Curb Appeal and Patio for Outdoor Living

Roslyn Heights, Long Island


Removal of entryway rails and overgrown shrubs opened up the porch. New stone walkway, steps, entryway with columns and shrubs and perennials provide modern curb appeal.

Pictured: before and after view of the entryway. Use drag handle to compare.

Stone Walkway, Porch & Balustrade

Classic lines of stone and soft plantings create an inviting entryway with a large landing.

Stone Steps to Entryway

Stone steps and new walkway transform the entrance to the home creating a welcoming curb appeal.

Pictured: before and after views of the entryway. Use the drag handle to compare.

Porch and Step Stonework

The materials used for the porch and steps compliment the entire entryway and contribute to the curb appeal for the home.


Backyard patio provides large usable area for gathering, dining and entertaining. The natural stone complements the other outdoor living areas.

It All Starts with a Design

We use state of the art methods and technology to create accurate and detailed 3-dimensional rendering of your property, complete with planned features, before we start. This means you get to tweak and refine your project before it’s built and you know exactly what you're getting before you get started. You get superior results and know exactly what you'll have before building begins. We get to make better designed living spaces and happier home owners. It's a win for everyone.

Then We Execute the Design

From Start to Finish We take care of everything for building the design - from gathering materials, arranging contractors, obtaining permits, obtaining engineering clearance for the construction, to the finishing touches and cleanup.

Gallery of Remodeled Front Entryway & Backyard

Entryway provides a modern curb appeal while the backyard patio provides usable space for outdoor living.

Updated Front Entry with New Steps, Porch with Columns and Garden PlantingsDetailed view of updated front entryDetailed view of front porch stoneworkSide view of pronth porch and columnsDetailed view of back patio stoneworkBackyard Entry stepsDetailed view of Front Entry stoneworkDetailed view of Front Entry Steps3D view of Front Entryway in Stone3D Detail of front porch and column supports3D Sideview of Front Entryway, near door3D Sideview of Extended Backyard Patio3D view of Patio Extension in stone.3D View of newly extended patio's dining area, new steps and stoop area in stone3D Sideview of rear steps3D view of entire backyard patio3D detail of rear stairs and patio with new plantings.

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