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Elegance & Charm for a New Pool & Patio

Huntington, Long Island

Gunite Swimming Pool Design

Swimming provides a relaxing and leisurely experience.

This backyard swimming pool project features a gunite swimming pool with an adjacent spa. There are only a handful of pool construction methods that guarantee years of longevity, a gunite swimming pool is one of those options. Staying up-to-date with the latest in pool technology, this high-end swimming pool and spa is connected to a smart-system that can be controlled with any smartphone. Smart pool systems control pool waterfalls, spa-jets, and pool lights, which help create a unique experience. It's important to consider all your options and pick what best fits your lifestyle

The Landscape as it Was

Diagnosing the landscape for an efficient design

This backyard had a gradual slope and offered little privacy from surrounding neighbors. With these conditions several natural processes needed to be remedied to make this project a success. Landscape site design was crucial in putting this project together.

Pool, Waterfalls, and Spa

Unique conditions, even when small, often provide equally unique opportunities

Using the small gradual slope we were able to design a new backyard pool-scape with several connecting amenities. Working with the environment, we placed the spa and waterfalls on the top elevation. Spillover waterfalls added ambiance and continuity. A stepping stone walkway was installed around the back of the pool to provide full access.

Natural Stone Pools and Patios

Effective land management for organized gathering spaces

To get the most out of this space, the pool and patios were placed on the lowest elevation. This allows dining and lounging to be on the same level, providing easy movement through the areas that are most often used.

Outdoor BBQ Grill Station

A small cooking station for easy outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking and dining is perhaps the most popular summertime activity at home. This natural stone grill station has a fieldstone-bluestone veneer and a custom bluestone countertop with a smooth finish. There is sufficient countertop space on each side for food prep and placement. It's always important to get a top quality stainless steel outdoor grill. This insures that grilling with ease will last just as long as the masonry grill station itself.

Maintaining Regional Tradition with Materials

Landscape materials that withstand trends and provide local distinctiveness

A fieldstone veneer with contrasting colors and textures was used for all vertical surfaces. Moss-rock boulders were used around the new landscape to make structural plant-beds.

Pool Area Landscape Lighting

Comfortably illuminate and add richness to your night-scape

The benefit of landscape lighting can easily be seen on this swimming pool project. Safety is always the priority: Solid brass fixtures can be found near natural bluestone steppers and stone paths. The fixtures comfortably illuminate access points around the swimming pool. There are several ornamental trees and key landscape features that merit attention. Soft up-lighting is used near these trees and creates a pillar effect that outlines the edge of the pool area space. Down-lighting is used on the grill station where a lot of movement is expected for both the cook and the guests.

Living Landscape Design

No swimming pool renovation is complete without plants

The Swimming pool area was dressed with several perennials of varying textures and sizes. On the larger side you will find Nepeta cataria also known as Catmint. Nepeta fills in fast and blooms a beautiful purple flower. Liriope muscari or Lily-turf is also prevalent and can be seen along the edges of the patio. Several ground-cover perennials like Phlox and creeping Sedums were planted around the landscape to add additional variety. All of these plants have desirable growth habits that help create an established landscape appearance. Dense evergreen shrubs on the highest elevation provide the necessary privacy needed around the swimming pool patio.

Bringing the Details Together

Seeing everything come together makes all the difference

We want to provide you with a complete outdoor living space. We approach every project with the goal to leave you only the responsibility of enjoying your new landscape. See this project in its entirety.

See How We Communicate Our Vision With 3D Design

3D Landscape Design

We use 3D Landscape design to creating your outdoor living space. Showing the proposed landscape design with the right textures and materials. The virtual images are drawn to scale and provide an accurate sense of space. During this design phase adjustments are made to finalize the design.

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