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Curb Appeal with Heated Driveway and Patio with Waterfront Pool

Baldwin Harbor, Long Island

Complete outdoor living space renovation

This home had to be raised above the highest water level of Hurricane Sandy. Creating curb appeal and level areas of usable space while safeguarding pool equipment above flood levels reached by the hurricane required overcoming elevation and grading challenges and designing to optimize functionality and aesthetics.

Self-heated driveway

Snowmelt System

The self-heated paver driveway connects the curb to the home. To the left, a passage provides access to the rear outdoor living space. To the right, the driveway connects to the main entryway patio which continues with a walkway that wraps around the home and provides access to the rear living space.

The snowmelt system below the pavers keeps snow and ice from building up and keeps the home accessible at all times.

Pictured: The finished driveway. Use the handle to compare before and after photos.


Connecting all spaces together

The front entryway walkway connects entrants with the entry patio at the primary entrance to the house. The path is adjacent to a garden that softens the space. To the right of the entryway patio, a planting-lined walkway extends, wrapping around home and providing passage to the outdoor living spaces behind the house.

To the left, the entryway patio meets the driveway which connects to the left side passage to the rear outdoor living space.


Breathing life into the space.

Continuing along the walkway to the right of the house, shrubs line the walkway and unveil the semi-inground pool. Plantings throughout the property counterbalance the hardscape materials and provide a sense of living nature. Raised planters were used throughout the property.

Pictured: Plantings lining walkway on right side of house entering outdoor patio space. Use the handle to compare before and after photos.

Pool and pool patio

The high bulkhead of the pool area required the pool to be placed partially above ground. A retaining wall encloses the pool that raises above the ground and is finished with Techno-bloc double-edged bullnose coping. Four steps connect the main patio area with the pool's raised patio. White PVC railing lines the rear and the left-hand side of the pool patio.

The pool is supported by a pool pump, filter and heater. A masonry pedestal stores the equipment above the floodline from Hurricane Sandy. The raised equipment is concealed from view with plantings.

Enclosed patio

Making outside comfortable rain or shine.

From the pool deck, you can see an enclosed patio below the deck that provides a separate outside living space and serves as an entryway to the home. It opens to outside onto the patio that connects the pool, the dock and outside sitting area and the passages that connect to the front.

A drainage system keeps the enclosed patio dry so it can be enjoyed anytime.

Pictured: The finished enclosed patio. Use the handle to compare before and after photos.

Sitting area

A cozy sitting area nestles on the patio space between the enclosure and the pool. The enclosure creates a soft boundary between the sitting area and the enclosed patio. The sitting area provides a gathering spot separate form the other areas but with a great view of them. It's a great place to settle after coming down the nearby staircase to the upper deck.

Lounging and table areas

Chilling pool side and waterside.

To the left of the pool, a large open patio space creates a lounging area and a table area. A fence wraps the entire space for safety and some privacy. On the other side of the fence at the table area is the canal and a boat launch, so you can be both poolside and waterside at the same time.

To the left border of the space, plantings line the fence. Between the table area and pool, a potted plant splashes natural colors into the scene.

Pictured: Lounging and table areas of the patio, fencing and inside-fence plantings. Use the handle to compare before and after photos.

Finished foundation

Completing the outdoor living spaces

This house was raised because of Sandy to above the hurricane's highest water level. The raising meant a lot of unfinished foundation was exposed. Stucco decorates the exposed foundation making it complement the new outdoor living spaces.

Pictured: Foundation before and after project. Use the handle to compare before and after photos.


Completed Project and 3D Design Images

Pictures from the project after it was completed as well as picture of our 3D design. We use 3D design software to create 3D video fly-throughs when designing so our clients can see exactly how the project is planned and can tweak the design to make their dream home.

We build it digitally first

3D design is how we get it so good

Seeing how a landscape will come out before it's built is the key to making the best outdoor living spaces.

We create advanced 3D models and video "fly-throughs" so you can see and perfect your plan before it's built. This lets you take your outdoor space to a level that other methods simply can't.

Image: 3D Image of this project.

Then we build it in real life

Exactly to the design

Once the engineers approve the design and the permits are obtained, we build the project exactly how you approved. Our design-then-build process ensures every detail of the project will come out exactly to the design you approved. Our build process ensures you know every detail before we break ground. It takes 2-3 months to go from starting the design to finish building, so plan ahead. The end of the year is the latest you want to start if you want to enjoy your property next spring.

Pictured: Techno-block Eva pavers being installed on this project.

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