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Curb Appeal: Cultivated Stone Entryway, Walkways and Driveway

Huntington, Long Island

Complementary Stone Provide a Beautiful and Welcoming Entryway

Cultivated stone driveway, river stone rock garden, natural stone on steps to match Home's entryway walls with blue stone on stoop create a welcoming entryway.

Stone Entryway

The replacement stone walkway, stoop/porch, steps and river rocks in the garden pull the overall look of the entryway together ny bringing harmonious stone color and contrasting textures resulting in a beautiful entryway that complements that home.

Detailed View of Entryway Steps

Step risers match the rough natural stone found on the home's exterior walls surrounding the front door. This unifies the steps with the home.

Side Walkway

A cultivated stone walkways continues from the driveway completely replacing the original stone slabs and dirt. The new walkway is wider, cleaner and brighter due to the new stone, rock gardens plantings and lighting.

Pictured: before and after images of the side walkway. Use the drag handle to compare.

Cultivated Stone Driveway

Connecting the entrance to the whole space

The cultivated stone driveway creates curb appeal and connects with the home and stonework of the entryway by sharing the color palette and textures found throughout the front of the home. It connects with the adjacent walkway to the entryway and connects with the side walkway to the backyard.

Curb Appeal

A finished look beginning at the curb

Cultivated stone driveway includes the front side-yard to the entryway walkway providing a completed and designed look across the entire front of home.

Pictured: Before and after of the driveway. The before shows the far end of the driveway. The after shows across the lawn from front door at curb.

It All Starts with a Design

We use state of the art methods and technology to create 3-dimensional renderings of your property, complete with planned features, before we start. This means you get to tweak and refine your project before construction begins and you know exactly what you'll have before it's built. You get precise results and peace of mind. We get to make better outdoor living spaces and happier home owners. It's a win for everyone.

Then We Execute the Design

From Start to Finish; we take care of everything for building the design - from gathering materials, arranging contractors, obtaining permits, obtaining engineering clearance for the construction, to the finishing touches and cleanup.

Gallery of New Driveway & Side Walkway and Stone Steps & Entryway

Front of home given an update new look with an expanded Cultivated Stone Driveway with Side Walkway to Backyard along with Natural Stone Steps & Entryway and Garden planting within a River Stone Rock Garden.

Detail of Front Entryway StepsFull View of Front EntrywayDetail of Driveway Stone workDetail of Driveway Stone WorkSideyard Walkway facing towards Rear YardSideyard Walkway facing towards Front YardEntrance of Sideyard Walkway Pre-ConstructionEarly 3D Drawing of Entryway and Steps - side viewEarly 3D Drawing of Driveway, Entryway and Steps - curb viewEarly 3D Drawing of of Home focused on Night Time ViewEarly 3D Drawing of Driveway, Entryway and Steps - Right side street view Early 3D Drawing of Driveway, Entryway and Steps - Left side street view Early 3D Drawing of Driveway, Entryway and Steps - Right side street view - Night TimeSide Yard facing towards Driveway including Privacy Screening around Refuse area

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