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Complete Outdoor Renovation

Woodbury, Long Island

Making Space Usable

Overcoming irregular shape and slope

This property had an irregular shape that resulted in unusable yard space, a slope that caused drainage issues and a wet basement and an understated entranceway. A new design was needed to make more of the yard space usable and to channel the flow of runoff around key outdoor living areas.

Our solution was adding a paving stone patio that entends into a garage apron and driveway. we manipulated the terrain to create more open useable lawn space. To set the tone for the property, we used theme-specific materials in the apron of the driveway. To strengthen the sense of arrive, we added a paving stone entryway and embellished it with plants. We addressed the drainage issues as we designed each area.

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Entryway Plants

Creating a sense of arrival

The main parking space gracefully transitions into the front entry garden. We used large flower pots to define the transition between the driveway and walkway garden space. The plants gracefully create space and separation. Once in the space, a large variety of plants surround you and bring it to life. A seating are and fountain also add to the space. Together, these elements provides a true sense of arrival and departure from the home.

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Driveway Design

Setting the tone from the start

The driveway entrance has a paving stone apron with light piers on each side that create a sense of space identity and create a sense of cohesion with the rest of the property. An island planting helps break up the large driveway and directs better vehicle movement. The main parking space transitions into the front entry garden and walkway entrance.

Further, we designed the driveway with paving stones. The driveway connects to the garage apron which connects to the backyard free-form patio. The interconnectedness creates easy transitions between areas. Use of the themed materials provides a sense of continuity and unity throughout the project.

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Paving Stone Patio

Creating smooth transitions with hardscaping

We installed a freeform paving stone patio in the rear of the house. We used irregular dry laid bluestone stepping stones at the bottom of the stairs to connect the house to the patio. We designed the patio to continue into the garage apron and the paving stone part of the driveway to connect all areas and make transitioning easy.

To scale down an existing deck and make passing from the stepping stone driveway to the back patio space more comfortable, a combination of evergreen plants and flowering shrubs were used along the base of the deck.

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Designing the Landscape

Manipulating terrain to create spaces

To create open usable lawn-space, the terrain was changed to make two main areas. The new top level is a paving stone patio with flat lawn space. The new lower level is an open recreation area.

The three-foot elevation change was dressed with large scale boulders, ornamental grasses and flowering perennials. More traditional plants were used around the court area. These evergreen shrubs and roses gives this space a classic look.

To create comfortable walkways and stairs, we used natural bluestone for the majority of the transition zones to produce a softer look as plants mature and grow through time.

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Softening with color and texture

A combination of concrete paving stones and natural stones were be used throughout the entire project. To soften the landscape and create seasonal appeal, we added plants throughout the property. A foundation of evergreen, deciduous shrubs and flowering perennials creating an inviting environment.

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Bringing Everything Together

See this project in its entirety

Our goal is to provide you with a complete outdoor living experience. We focus on the big picture and your long-term plans in order to tailor your backyard living space.

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See How We Communicate Our Vision With 3D Design

This was a large project, so a landscape design plan was needed to thoroughly communicated design ideas with the homeowners. To show proper elevation changes and grade manipulation, we used our 3D landscape design software to truly present our vision.

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