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Charisma in a Natural Stone Swimming Pool & Patio


Starting the Landscape Design Process

Creating design opportunities in your backyard

The original site had an oddly shaped retaining wall that split the lawn area in two. With these unique conditions an extensive amount of time was spent planning the space and how all the landscape features would work together. This one-of-a-kind Huntington, Long Island backyard is custom designed for year-round use and comfort.

Focusing on the Big Picture

Managing existing site conditions for efficient construction

The best way to approach any project is to study the existing conditions and work with the given environment. The backyard was sectioned into three elevations to best manage site design. Main patio & entertainment, pool & lounging, and lawn & screening. Only once a thorough landscape design is completed, approved by an engineer, and reviewed by the town do we start to shape the backyard.

Outdoor Living with Comfort

Natural masonry materials and landscape amenities

A natural bluestone patio expresses a long-lasting traditional style. Outdoor living is a growing trend all throughout Long Island and this backyard patio is fitted with two popular items, a grill with bar seating and a luxury outdoor fireplace. These two outdoor amenities are perfect for large outdoor entertainment events but cozy enough for smaller family gatherings.

New Swimming Pool Design

Taking advantage of site conditions

Due to the existing slope, the pool is placed four feet above the main patio. This creates a wonderful opportunity for a vanishing-edge waterfall. This waterfall faces the house and main patio providing a beautiful backdrop. To maximize lounging space the pool is also designed long and sleek.

A Simple and Peaceful Retreat

Small outdoor comforts to kickstart the season

A nice way to start and end the seasons is with a relaxing dip in a spa. Here, the spa is placed near the most used house entry. We designed a cedar-wood outdoor shower and placed it adjacent to the spa for ease of use. Natural bluestone steppers with smooth river-rock is used for this space.

Adding Life to the Landscape

Plants create structure and movement

Planting was kept modest on this project, with only about 10 different plant species. Evergreen screening was placed throughout the entirety of the backyard. Within a few years these shrubs will fill in, creating a wonderful green buffer. All around the pool patio and main patio you will find ornamental grasses, wispy perennials, and small-scale evergreen shrubs. The plants were specifically chosen to minimize distractions but bring life and movement to these outdoor living spaces.

Curb Appeal & Driveway Design

Front Entry enhancement with new driveway

A new front entry and driveway is designed and installed to complete this Huntington, Long Island property renovation. The new driveway allows plenty of parking space for several cars. A natural cobblestone apron and belgium block border was installed with a unique design. Two light piers were added on either side of the driveway for timeless character.

Handcrafted Landscape Masonry

Real natural stone provides impact like nothing else

Naturel stone materials are used all throughout this landscape installation. The main gathering areas all have natural Pennsylvania thermal bluestone for a smoother surface texture. This bluestone material is also used on other surfaces like the grill & bar countertops and fireplace caps. Granite stone is used on all vertical surfaces including the garden wall on the pool patio. This veneer, and its unique shimmering color, beautifully contrasts the surrounding lush green vegetation.

Landscape & Pool Lighting

Brighten up the night and extend your time outdoors

During those warm early spring and late fall months we often want to spend more time outdoors. Landscape lighting is the best way to extend your time outdoors. There are three key benefits of landscape lighting: safety, ambiance, and presentation. First and foremost, you want a safe and navigable home. Second, you want to create a comfortable environment to relax. Third, you want to highlight your new beautiful living space. These low voltage LED landscape lights are expertly designed and manufactured for long lasting outdoor use.

Bringing the Details Together

Seeing everything come together makes all the difference

We want to provide you with a complete outdoor living space. We approach every project with the goal to leave you only the responsibility of enjoying your new landscape. See this project in its entirety.

3D Landscape Design is a Brand New way to Experience your Future Landscape

See the finished project virtually before we break ground and give yourself peace of mind

A virtual landscape design plan is the best way to know what you’re getting. Analyze several design options and pick what best fits your lifestyle. Autumn Leaf Landscape Design will keep molding your 3D model until it looks and feels exactly as you wish. Every inch of this Huntington, Long Island landscape project was planned, designed, and installed to achieve uniquely beautiful results.

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