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Bluestone Patio & Pool Backyard Renovation

Centerport, Long Island

The Landscape as it Was

An empty and outdated backyard

This backyard has two outdated patios: the brick patio, and pool patio. It has little to no shade and not conducive to entertainment.

Landscape Design Solution

Using our 3D landscape design software

On a landscape design project like this, we first start by molding and modeling the space. we want to make sure the new space works aesthetically with the improved patio elevations.

Building the Stairs

Natural stone stairs with stone veneer

We first build the new stairs and garden wall to have easy and safe access into the work area. The main patio floor is ready for base preparation then concrete delivery.

Bluestone Patio Base Preparation

It always starts with the right foundation

Best masonry practices require that all concrete be reinforced. Steel wire mesh is placed throughout the entire patio. This will insure the longevity and stability of the patio for years to come.

Natural Bluestone Patio

Finished before winter arrived

After spreading the concrete it was leveled and allowed to dry. Each natural bluestone slab is individually measured, cut, and placed to create the uniform joint lines you see in this video. We were able to finish all the bluestone patio work before the full brunt of winter arrived. But there’s still a long way to go.

Custom Outdoor Kitchen

Cook & dine outdoors for years to come

Natural stone materials were used throughout this whole landscape project and the custom outdoor kitchen was no exception. Here at Autumn Leaf, we are BIG fans of natural stone materials. The veneer used on the custom outdoor kitchen has deep grays, blues, whites, and hits of beige. These colors tie in well with the custom cut and polished bluestone countertop. The outdoor kitchen has bar seating for four and a working sink. Perfect for those afternoons with the family.

Bluestone Patio from the Ground Up

Using the existing topography for a better patio design

If you look back closely to “The Landscape as it Was” you can see the primary patio closest to the house was raised by about 1’6”. This is not ideal and not necessary. Our strategy was to create one patio level with the pool, cooking, and dining space. Garden walls would be build using moss rock boulders and natural stone veneer with bluestone caps to contend with the minor elevation changes

Pool Area Designed for Usability

Pulling and pushing patio materials for functional space

The pool sits adjacent to a small slope, so a moss rock garden wall was added to increase patio space. This small area is perfect for a small bistro set or portable fire pit. A pleasant detail of smooth river rock was placed between the moss rock garden wall and bluestone patio to collect and move stormwater runoff. Lounge space was designed on the east side of the pool for better afternoon and evening use as the sun moves across the sky. Evergreen screen planting and flowering shrubs were planted throughout the swimming pool area for privacy.

Plants Provide Excitement

Refresh the landscape with the seasons

On a project of this scale, planting is extremely important and can make or break the overall charm. It's important to provide screening where necessary but not take over plant bed. Skip Laurels are hardy evergreen plants that handle pruning very well. By managing the pruning schedule, we can maintain a healthy plant bed with plenty of room for flowering perennials like carpet rose, sage, and sedum. You can find flowering deciduous shrubs such as Endless Summer and Limelight Hydrangeas as well as Crape Myrtles. Groundcover can be seen in the form of spreading junipers and ornamental grasses. All these plants have varying blooming times providing color throughout the seasons.

Moonlit Atmosphere

Reclaim the night with LED landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is as important as every other landscape feature talked about above. The reality is we don’t move indoors once the sun goes down, especially on those perfect summer nights. Landscape lighting extends our time outdoors and provides safety as we run from the pool to the grill and back. A variety of light fixtures are startlingly placed throughout the landscape providing safety near steps, comfort while dining, and all-around warm ambiance.

3D Landscape Design is a New way to Experience your Dream Backyard Landscape

See the finished project virtually before we break ground and give yourself peace of mind

A virtual landscape design plan is the best way to know what you’re getting. Analyze design options and pick what best fits your lifestyle. Autumn Leaf Landscape Design will keep molding your 3D model until it looks and feels exactly as you wish. Every inch of this Huntington, Long Island landscape project was planned, designed, and installed to achieve uniquely beautiful results.

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