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Balanced Materials Define This Pool & Patio

East Northport, Long Island

A Completely Reimagined Outdoor Living Space

Thoughtful design will alter how you experience the outdoors

The original backyard was over grown and in disrepair. The best way to move forward was by redesigning the backyard entirely. The only feature to stay was the two foot elevation change. An informal landscape design with freeform lines and natural stone elements was proposed. To achieve the desired style a combination of paving stones and natural stones was used.

Providing Function and Usability Together

Manipulating land and using the designed landscape

A fire pit is always a nice backyard feature to consider. This paving stone fire pit is built for natural wood. A wonderful aspect to this fire pit design is integrating the garden-wall as a seat-wall. Natural stack-stone bluestone and large boulders are used to create this wonderful garden wall.

Provide Warmth from the Inside Out

Enjoy the value of outdoor cooking and dining

This grill station is designed with bar seating and plenty of countertop space. Natural stone veneer and bluestone countertops are used to dress the grill station. The bluestone countertops have a honed edge and surface finish. This finish has a smooth texture without looking polished. This combination of materials, with a quality grill, and coordinating appliances will last many years.

Emphasize Character with the Right Landscape Materials

Be transported in your own backyard

There are several ways to approach a new landscape design project. Often the priority is surface materials, and for good reason. Paving materials and style can dictate the overall charm. A thoughtful selection of specific natural stones and paving stones may be used throughout. Material textures are very important and using the right combination is what Autumn Leaf strives for.

A Vibrant Backyard Swimming Pool

Escape the summer heat with a refreshing plunge

The pool patio was designed with several lobes and valleys to provide a sense of separation between gathering areas. The pool-coping was specifically chosen for its color and texture. This wet-cast paving stone has a smoother finish to the touch, making your pool experience as comfortable as possible. Plum trees are used to complement an existing mature plum and create unity. Arborvitae Green Giants are carefully placed to maximize plant growth. As the Green Giants mature they will fill in and provide year-round screening.

The Soothing Sound of Falling Water

Audible flowing water can be calming and relaxing

The standout feature to this project is the accent pool wall and sheer descent waterfalls. Two large scale boulders are place on either side to outline the water element. As the plant materials grow and mature they will bring lasting color for years.

Bringing Everything Together

See this project in its entirety

Our goal is to provide you with a complete outdoor living experience. We focus on the big picture and your long-term plans in order to tailor your backyard living space.

See how our 3D Design Aided in this Backyard Renovation

Virtual Landscape Design

See your new backyard in 3D first

Providing the client with visual design options is how we communicate our ideas. Material shapes, patterns, and textures can all be presented digitally to facilitate decision making.

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