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Backyard Swimming Sanctuary

South Huntington , Long Island

Planning Allows For a More Cohesive Landscape

Planning your landscape features allows its features to be integrated better

The homeowners wanted to install a swimming pool so their growing family could enjoy their outside summer days more. For the pool area, they wanted two sitting areas, a lounging area, a fire table area and a water feature. Planning is the most important part of a major project. Working closely with the homeowner, we factored in all aspects of the site and created a design that would provide a unique swimming experience.

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The Right Design for the Environment

Designing with major landscape features

A curvilinear pool shape with a long and elegant boulder water feature were created. Together with the canopy provided by the very tall oak and maple trees, an oasis theme was created. The paving stone patio continues this theme with lobes and valleys that create sitting and lounging areas.

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Falling water adds character to the pool

The stones of this monumental waterfall almost spans the entire length of the swimming pool. They create a vertical backdrop that helps define the pool space. The plants will grow and create a cascading effect. The falling water itself was angled slightly to face the home and lounging area. This was done so the boulder waterfall would be seen from inside the home.

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Pool Patio

Variety of materials

While building the pool patio, a raised patio was added to the design plan. We we able to revise our design without sacrificing accuracy. A new paving product that perfectly mimics wood was used.

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Small Additions Have Big Impact

Minor changes in material create wonderful experiences

A natural bluestone stepping stone path provides access around the pool. The natural stepping stones create an informal feeling. Evergreen plants and perennial flowers create a garden-like experience.

Landscape Lighting

Light up your landscape with nighttime lighting

Landscape lighting is essential to a large landscape project because it provides needed safety. Lighting units are placed in key locations to highlight specimen trees, walkways and gathering areas. Low voltage LED landscape lighting in warm-soft colors create a more comfortable atmosphere.

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Bringing Everything Together

See this project in its entirety

Our goal is to provide you with a complete outdoor living experience. We focus on the big picture and your long-term plans in order to tailor your backyard living space.

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See How We Used 3D Design to Create This Dream Backyard Pool & Patio

3D landscape Design for Material Choices

Using a visual tool to help narrow your material options

3D landscape design allows us to ease the burden of choosing hardscape material. The mason supply store can often be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a target style. We show material and style options digitally to assist visualizing your dream backyard and help you choose the materials that are perfect for you.

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