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Backyard Renovation

Westbury, Long Island

Balanced Relaxation and Play

Homeowner values are one of the most important factor when formulating a design plan.

These young homeowners wanted a landscape design plan that would accommodate their current and projected life styles. After a thorough design meeting the criteria for the landscape design plan was complete. It was important to have enough patio space for large family gatherings, and open lawn space for the smaller moments.

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Design for Change

It’s important to conceder future plans, and build for change..

This homeowner was planning to do some home remodeling in the near future. By taking all factors into consideration a bigger design plan is ultimately achieved. In this case, the homeowners were eventually going to build a gym and wanted immediate access to their new backyard. The patio near the fire pit was then extended to meet the foundation, and work with the proposed architectural changes.

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Design for Growth

Plant growth habits should always be considered with background landscape elements.

The style of fence was important to the homeowner and so was privacy screening. The evergreen shrubs chosen were planted far enough where they will ultimately provide passive screening but not block the fence completely.

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Natural Wood Fire Pit

Create warm ambiance with a natural wood fire pit.

Fire pits create a wonderful place for quiet and intimate moments. They provide soft soothing light that inspire people to come together. They not only create another outdoor room but extend the outdoor season for most people. Having a fire pit encourages people to get outside in the early spring, and stay outside in the late fall.

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