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Backyard Paving Stone Patio Renovation

Westbury, Long Island

Designing for Gatherings and Privacy

Creating spaces

This project was creating a patio space large enough for large family gatherings while preserving open lawn space. Privacy fencing and trees were to be installed but without cramping the area. Our solution for the gathering area was a patio with built-in fire pit, evergreen plantings and privacy fence.

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Designing for the long-term

This project included a privacy fence. Evergreen shrubs were planted far enough where they will ultimately provide passive screening but not block the fence completely. Designing for how plants will grow is important to building a landscape that serves its purpose and pleases the senses indefinitely.

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Natural Wood Burning Fire Pit

Extending the outdoor season

We installed a fire pit to create a place for quiet and intimate moments. We designed the fire pit area to create another outdoor "room" in which people can gather around and extend the outdoor season. Fire pits, with their soft light, enable people to go outside in early spring and stay there until late fall.

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Bringing the Details Together

Seeing everything come together makes all the difference

We want to provide you with a complete outdoor living space. We approach every project with the goal to leave you only the responsibility of enjoying your new landscape. See this project in its entirety.

Visualize Your Project Before Building Begins

Seeing your finished project before building starts provides peace of mind

A 3D landscape design plan can be altered until it's perfect. For this project, the 3D design allowed us to better communicate design concepts and have more productive meetings. The hardscape material, color, texture and scale were all refined before heading to the mason supply shop. Having every details designed first ensures the concept is complete before it's built.

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Designing for Change

Accommodating future improvements

A gym was going to be added to the home and would need to be able to access the backyard directly. We adjusted our design to accommodate this future improvement to the home. The patio near the fire pit was then extended to meet the foundation and worked with the upcoming improvement.

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