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Pool Design

Pool Design and Installation on Long Island

Spending more time outdoors is a prevailing trend in Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island. We custom design and build the swimming pool to best fit your outdoor space, home and lifestyle.

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Pool Style

Form, shape, & size considerations

How the pool will be used is important when choosing its shape. Use, location and available space determine a pools size. A pools shape often dictates the theme of the pool area. Pools can be either freeform or geometric. Freeform pools have a more natural overall feeling, while geometric shapes are a more traditional and formal style. We design and build pools for how they will be best used and most enjoyed.

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Pool Area Materials

Natural stone & paving stones

Masonry materials should be chosen to maximize your pools use and complement the pool area's design. Popular materials are natural stone and paving stones. They are durable and last a long time, and there are a lot of options. We guide you on choosing materials right for your project. We even design our projects in 3D so you can see the finished work before we build.

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Pool Water Features

Create the soothing sound of flowing water

Waterfalls can enhance the way a pool space looks, feels and sounds. A properly designed and built waterfall can mask noise creating a sense of serenity and privacy. We design causal water-descents and crashing waterfalls to best serve how you want to enjoy the space. We design projects in 3D before we build so you know you'll love it before we begin.

Pool Area Lighting

Spend more time poolside

The pool patio adds living space to your home. Enjoy it later into the day with pool lighting inside the pool or along its edge. The cool atmosphere it creates really lets you enjoy your space. We always look to maximize the value of your landscape project and recommend lighting as a great way to really get more out of your investment.

Pool Areas Gallery

See Some of Our Pool Areas

At Autumn Leaf, we design, install, light, and maintain our pools and pool patios. We build pools as individual projects or as part of larger projects. Check out some of our work here.

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We design and build projects that last for years. We know how important it is to get it right, right from the beginning. That's why we make sure you love your design before we build, everything from the pool's shape and size, to the patios materials, to the perfect water feature to the coolest lighting. And we build the project using everything we've learned over our many years of designing and building residential landscapes.

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