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Pool Area Materials

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Considering your home and pool area’s design, and use is important when choosing masonry materials. Choose from natural stone or paving stones. masonry materials are long lasting, durable, and offer many design options. Pool patio materials help contribute to the pool area ambiance.

Gunite Pool or Vinyl Pool, what’s best for you?

Gunite Pool

Gunite Pools are a full concreate construction with a marble dust surface. These pools can last decades and are considered high-end custom swimming pools.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools are created form a variety of materials but ultimately covered with a soft vinyl liner. The added benefit of vinyl pools over gunite pools are their cost effectiveness.

Pool Patio Materials

Natural Stone

Natural stone around your pool area is a classic design choice. Choose irregular flagging for a natural look or modular stones to adhere to many style choses. Natural stone pool patios are a timeless material seen all around the northeast.

Paving Stone

Paving stones offer the flexibility of color, size, and texture. These concrete paving stones can be mixed and matched to fit any theme or style. A common concern is floor surface temperature. Paving stones are a manufactured concrete product that is cooler to the touch even when under direct sunlight.

Pool Coping Material

Natural Stone Coping

Natural stone coping can be custom radius for your exact pool shape. These natural stones are often long and create a smooth line around your entire pool. natural stone coping can be used with a paving stone patio as well.

Paving Stone Coping

Paving stone manufacturers offer many options in color, size, and texture when it comes to coping. The pool coping edge creates a great opportunity to emphasize patio and material theme.

Accent Walls

Add Some Visual Appeal

Pool walls can be a supporting structural element or purely for aesthetic value. These pool walls can add visual appeal to any pool project.
• Natural stone veneer
• Boulder wall
• Cultured stone
• Paving stone wall block

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