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Pool Area Design

Pool Areas Designed for Fun and Use

A pool area should harmonize with your home and personal style and should make the living space around the pool more enjoyable. We design and build the area around the pool to maximize fun and aesthetics while tailoring them to you and your space.

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Custom Pool Area Design

Pool areas are important to the outdoor living space at your home. We answer any questions you have and provide you with all the planning, material samples and 3D visuals you need so we can have the pool area that's perfect for you.

Patio Design Considerations

A swimming pool is the center of activity and the swimming pool area enhances the experience. Fire pits and chimineas draw friends and family together while outdoor kitchens keep them that way. In each design, we look to maximize:

  • Space to Entertain.
    A pool patio provides opportunities to entertain for parties, barbecues, wedding receptions and gatherings. Designing the pool area to work with the entire property allows greater use of the outdoor area.
  • The increase in property value.
    Adding a patio around a pool can significantly increase a home’s resale value in Nassau County and Suffolk County. Pool areas visible from the street add curb appeal too.

A professionally-installed pool patio should be as beautiful and enjoyable a decade after it's installed as the day it was installed. Our professional designers can design the pool and pool patio to avoid the mistakes that cause problems trying to add a pool patio after the pool is installed. By designing your pool and pool patio together, we can ensure they'll work together perfectly.

3D Pool Area Design

We design your pool patio in 3D before we build it. The 3D rendering is photorealistic, with detailed textures, lighting and perspective of the whole pool area. It allows you to see exactly how it will look when it's built. It's based on the information we gather from a site visit and what we learn from you.

CAD Rendering

We use the final design to create a CAD drawing of the project. We submit the CAD drawing for approval when applying for permits. We use both the design and drawing guide the installation, so it's easy for everyone to see exactly how your project needs to come out.

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We know how much of a role your pool patio will play for you and your family for years to come, so we know it's important to design it to serve you best. That's why we design everything in 3D so you can see exactly how it will come out before we build it. You get to know exactly how everything will look and feel. And you get to perfect it until it's exactly what you want. We use the design to guide construction to take the guesswork out of creating your dream. We build every project using what we've learned over our many years of designing and building residential landscapes.

Thank you for your interest in what we do. Let us know a little bit about your project using this form and we'll be in touch to go over it.


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