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Patio Materials

Common materials include:

Paving Stone

Pavings stones are are concrete that looks like stone. Their shape is more uniform and they cost less than natural stone. They are available in may colors, styles and shapes and are durable, nearly maintenance-free and last a long time.

Natural Stone

Natural stone can be rough-edged, rounded or polished like granite counter tops. Natural stone, like blue stone and brownstone, are from New York and Pennsylvania quarries.


Brick provides a refined and uniform look that complements traditional and colonial-style homes. It is available in different colors and can be installed in a variety of patterns. It is durable, nearly maintenance-free and lasts a long time.

Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is a durable material like concrete that is finished with natural stone. They are used for veneers on retaining walls, fireplaces and step risers.


Concrete is available in different mixes and colors. It's durable, nearly maintenance-free and lasts a long time.