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Landscape Design & Build


Design & Build

We design pool areas to add entertaining space and add value to your home. We build pool areas with paving stone, natural stone, brick, cultured stone and concrete.

Pool Design & Build 〉


Design & Build

We design patios to makes spending time outdoors easier and more enjoyable. We build patios with paving stone, natural stone, brick, cultured stone and concrete.

Patio Design & Build 〉

Outdoor Kitchens

Design & Build

We design outdoor kitchens to be spacious and easy to use. We build outdoor kitchens with paving stone, natural stone, brick, cultured stone and concrete.

Outdoor Kitchen Design & Build 〉

Retaining Walls

Design & Build

We design retaining walls to be functional and blend in with your outdoor decor. We build retaining walls with paving stones, boulders, segmental block, natural stone, brick, cultured stone and concrete.

Retaining Wall Design & Build 〉


Design & Build

We design driveways to complements your home, creates a great impression and last a long time. We build driveways with paving stone, cobblestone, blacktop, concrete & Belgium block.

Driveway Design & Build 〉


Design & Build

We design entryways to express your personality, last a long time and be safe use. We build entryways with paving stone, natural stone, cultured stone, brick and concrete.

Entryway Design and Build 〉


Design & Build

We design walkways to connects one space to another and their users to their space. We build walkways with paving stone, stone, brick, crushed stone, gravel and concrete.

Walkway Design & Build 〉

Ponds & Waterfalls

Design & Build

We design ponds and waterfalls to be easy to maintain and complement your other landscape elements. We build ponds & waterfalls to enhance the look, feel and sound of a yard.

Pond & Waterfall Design & Build 〉


Design & Build

We design outdoor fireplaces to draws people together for easy socializing. We build outdoor fireplaces with cultured stone, natural stone and brick.

Fireplace Design & Build 〉

Fire Pits

Design & Build

We design fire pits to create a place that's easy to enjoy and lasts a long time. We build fire pits with paving stone, natural stone, brick, cultured stone and concrete.

Fire Pits Design & Build 〉

Landscape Lighting

We design landscape lighting to highlight your landscape features and create ambiance. We light all landscape elements, such as walkways, patios, waterfalls and retaining walls.

Landscape Lighting 〉


We design landscape plantings to beautify your home and improve curb appeal. We plant trees, shrubs and flowers, and create gardens, pots, window-boxes and fall displays.

Plantings 〉

Autumn Leaf Landscape Design

Professional Landscape Design & Build Company

We've been designing, building, lighting and maintaining our installations and plantings for more than 20 years. During that time, we've been transforming landscapes in both Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island.

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Our Accreditations & Certifications

  • Unilock Authorized Long Island Contractor
  • Cambridge Long Island Paving Stones
  • Nicolock Long Island  Paving Stones
  • Long Island Techo-Pro Contractor
  • Long Island Association of Outdoor Professionals
  • Long Island  icpi Certified Installer
  • Long Island houzz Influencer
  • Long Island houzz Recommended
  • Long Island houzz Best of 2015 Service