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Who to Call First for a New Swimming Pool

Dreaming of a Swimming Pool? Who should I call first?

You have been dreaming of having your own swimming pool for years. Today the timing is right, and you decided to take the leap past surfing the internet for beautiful pool images. You are ready to start making calls and get the ball rolling. You have plenty of ideas but are not quite sure what things cost. So you start by calling a pool installation company first. After all, you’re looking for a swimming pool and a swimming pool is your priority. But is this the right sequence when embarking on a massive life altering renovation?

TLDR: nope!

A Successful Swimming Pool Project Starts with a Design

Pool installation companies cal be great. But they install pools. What's the problem with just installing a pool? The biggest problem is that they just install pools, they don't design anything beyond the pool. And I can tell you from professional experience, a pool in the wrong place or that's just dropped in without considering the rest of the property and how the home owners want to use it - well, it's worse than starting without a pool. So so far it's clear, dreaming of having your own swimming pool is step one. But if it's not a swimming pool installation company that I should call first because it could really hamper enjoyment of my space, then who should I call?

A swimming pool is both a destination and a journey.

It's easy to see a swimming pool as the highest priority because you've been dreaming about it. But there's a good chance there's a lot more to your dream than just the pool. I'd bet you're also dreaming of you and your family enjoying the pool. You're probably beginnning to realize that a new pool is MUCH more than simply installing a new pool, after all, you're looking for outdoor pool living. The pool is a component of that, but the "living" part means connections between the landscape features that make the pool functional and beautiful. So where are we? Oh yes, you have the right dream, now we just have to get you everything else that's needed so a pool can be installed to make that dream a reality.

There's no cookie cutter solutions for your personal dream.

Sure, everyone's dream about a pool probably has people using a pool. And the pools are different. But what's around the pool? Where do people go to get in and out. Where do people gather? Where do people sit? the pool living is at the heart of the pool dream, and now that it's time to make that dream a reality, the pool needs to be designed to fit your dream. It's beginning to become clear why just calling a pool installation company probably won't make your dream come true.

If you think about what things are important for pool living, you'll quickly see that your dream as well as your property are unique to you. And unique solutions require design. So you can have cookies, but when it comes to pools, you shouldn't just go store-bought. Sorry store-bought cookies!

Call a Professional Landscaping Company!

Professional landscaping companies design properties and features all the time, and the really good ones can help you realize outdoor pool living, not just having a pool. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right, right? When it comes to adding permanent features that will last decades, you better believe it. The cost of doing and undoing paid work and then redoing work is often so high that homeowners shouldn't "go it alone" with something like a pool installation company. It's way cheaper to do right once than to do and undo it then do it right once.

More importantly though, plan the big picture and build for that purpose. At Autumn Leaf, we design a full outdoor living environment. How do you want to enjoy your property now? And what might you want in the future? At Autumn Leaf, we plan the big picture and design the end-result, and build your dream backyard. We've done a lot of big and small projects for many years, so we're very familiar with what homeowners think about with outdoor living projects as well as what they might not consider. That's worth it right there, because you're getting to avoid making decisions that you might without experience to guide you and share some of the more obscure considerations.

Of course, we provide a lot more than just experience. We create full real-as-life 3D landscape designs and 3D video "walkthroughs" of your property with the designs, so you can see exactly how it would come out if you ordered the pool. You actually see the form, function, environment, materials, and for full property designs, how the pool interacts with other features - even if you're adding the other features much later.

Our 3D Video Design video.

Did we mention? We're a professional design and build landscaping company?

And we don't just stop with a design. We're build all of our designs and the benefits are two fold: (1) we're only designing features we know can be physically created, so there's no "It's beautiful on paper but it can't be done," and (2) we were with you during the design process, so all of the interaction that occurred as the design was refined means we know so much about your hopes and dreams for the project.

How can I find out more about your design and build process?

There's always our Our Process page, but we're real people serving Long Islanders all year long. You can call us! Call (631) 424-5544 and let us know you want to know more about outdoor pool living. We'd be thrilled to know you've been reading our page, so let us know that too!

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