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Pool Waterfalls Long Island

Add a wonderful and relaxing focal point to your in ground swimming pool with a waterfall. The concept is simple. The pool water is pumped to an outside water feature where it recirculates back in the pool. When relaxing by the pool, the sound of moving water simply enhances the outdoor pool experience. Many of our pool waterfall designs have added an element of resort style living that is enjoyed throughout the summer. There are many options and styles of a spilling water features in a pool and each has a unique visual and sound appeal that make it a popular feature. It can be added to an existing pool with some minor plumbing or be designed in for new construction or renovations.

A water feature can be a simple spillway called a sheer descent. This style cascades a clear sheet of water that descends gracefully to the pool surface through a special pvc flat panel. The clear arc of water projects away from the pool wall and is available in lengths from eight inches to eight feet. Sheer descents can be built in to a stone wall or a raised sun deck.

Natural boulders make great waterfalls and are more typical in a free form lake style pool adding to the natural setting. Rock waterfalls can be built in many ways from a single drop to multiple tiers. Water cascades over the rocks until it falls in the pool. Add a custom built water slide for the ultimate playground around a cascading waterfall that meander kids and adults to the top. Landscaping with perennials, annuals and shrubs will complete the look and give you years of enjoyment. Rock waterfalls can be adjusted for a small trickle to a fast moving full of sound rush of water.

Deck jets are small streams of water projected from the pool deck. Placed in a few locations around the waters edge, these jets shoot water streams in to the air like a fountain. They can be adjusted to shoot across the pool or set to arc high in the air. Some options include LED lights which add colors to the water as it arcs back to the pool. Kids love this fountain style water feature since they can run through them on the pool deck.

Our experienced design, and build team design every pool waterfall with each individual homeowners needs in mind. Please browse through our portfolio of pool waterfalls, and schedule your FREE consultation at 631-424-5544.


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