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Curb Appeal: What to Consider

Start Your Day Right

For many of us here on Long Island stepping out of our front door is the beginning of a long work day. We exit and enter our homes every day, several times a day. We greet our family and friends there and say goodbye as well. We could have a bad day at work or a great day at work. Regardless of the type of day you are having, Your front entryway and curb appeal can set the tone to how you begin or conclude your day.

The Right Time for an Update

There is no rule or schedule for when it's time to update your home's curb appeal. Older masonry and plant materials have varying life expectancies, masonry trends change, and ignored plants reach their natural maturity making them look out of place.

Weather Takes its Toll

Often the primary concern is safety. Natural processes over 40-50 years can take a toll on any structure. A front walkway can reach the end of its life, there may be severe cracks or loose bricks. It’s important to understand that cracks aren't always caused by improper installation. Being that we live in the North East, we experience freeze-thaw cycles that expand and contract all materials. These natural processes can cause structural damage over time. Luckily installation methods have changed, different base materials are now used and new machine technology insures an even longer lasting masonry installation than past generations.

Upgrading your Garden

Your curb appeal can set expectations and express your homes personality. Establishing a warm sense of arrival starts from before you even exit the car. Seeing lush green plants and a neatly manicured lawn can have a comforting effect. Updating smaller plant material every few years provides your home with a much needed color reboot. Updating perennial flower beds is a sure way to surprise yourself when it’s time for them to bloom. Unlike older shrub generations, many new flowering shrubs will bloom throughout the whole season. Upgrading your curb appeal with the right plant material can have a big impact in spring, summer, and fall.

Design for Efficiency

Our 3D landscape design plans include your entire home, not just the landscaping. This allows us to better design your curb appeal project to fit your homes style and character. Choosing masonry material can seem overwhelming because there are many colors, styles, and textures available today. But choosing materials should not be the first step. Autumn Leaf provides you with one or two complete landscape design plans. These 3D landscape design plans are scaled visual design notes to help you choose the right curb appeal style and aesthetic that’s right for you. This should be the first step. It can seem difficult to bypass material color, styles, and textures but these decisions are always easier to make with a 3D landscape design plan. Having a 3D design to take with you to the mason supply store will accelerate the material selection process.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an essential element that can set you apart. It provides safety by illuminating walkways and steps to easily navigate to and from your home. Landscape lighting also provides the ability to showcase plant materials and surface textures. Often forgotten and overlooked is what landscape lighting can do in the late fall, winter, and early spring months. Hardy plant species can have ornamental leaf blades, stems, or bark that provide visual appeal without needing leaves. An ornamental grass like Blue Fescue holds its soft blue color throughout the year. A River Birch has beautiful exfoliating bark that peels and curls showing rich earthy tones with shades of gold. Illuminating plants like these can have a big impact in all four season. Landscape lighting provides many benefits, these are just a few examples.

Planning for the Perfect Driveway

A major component to a curb appeal project can be the driveway. Is your driveway outdated? Does it have depressions, cracks, or has it just begun to crumble? When you’re embarking on a curb appeal project you should always consider the driveway. This is a perfect time to think about future vehicle changes. Do you have a growing family that will have the need for more cars in the near future? It's important to look at your front landscape as a whole project when you're planning on changing the walkway and driveway. The shape of the driveway will affect the walkway and vice versa. Here on Long Island we commute to and from work everyday and sit through traffic regularly. The last thing we want is to fight over parking on our own driveways. How you enter and exit your home can have a positive impact on you and your family.

Design it, Love it, Build it, Enjoy it

Knowing what your your final curb appeal project will look like before construction starts is an important step in Our Landscape Design and Build Process. It's important to us that you know what your finished curb appeal project will look like. Planning for the future is the best way to approach every project. We want to provide you with the right design plan to solve your needs.

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